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Patch Icon - DEATH™
Patch Icon - DEATH™

Patch Icon

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• 100% Embroidered

• Cotton Twill Base Fabric – Polyester Satin Base Fabric

• Durable Polyester Thread – 100% Viscose Filament

• Heat Seal Iron-On Adhesive Backing

• Made in Istanbul

• Death or Glory.


There is only One. This is the Patch. Intricate details. Tight weave pattern. Smooth texture. Long-lasting. DEATH™ embroidered patches have a traditional, layered look to them with a durable, long-lasting, heat-seal iron-on adhesive backing that takes care of all edges and makes for easy application to hats, jackets, backpacks, wedding dresses, clergy outfits, police uniforms, and all manner of masonic kit. Dense heavy embroidery on tough, durable high-quality cotton twill using the best polyester thread – viscose filament gives the patches a thicker feel with a certain lift and three-dimensional look. The bottom line, the patches will liven up whatever takes your fancy. Glamourous. Sardonic. Alluring. The Grim Reaper Don’t Come Cheaper.


Patch Application Instructions: Place the patch on the garment, embroidery side up. Place cloth or towel over the patch. Iron over patch on high for about 30 seconds. Repeat the procedure inside the garment, underneath the patch. For good measure, secure it with a few stitches around the edges of the patch.

Patch Icon - DEATH™
Patch Icon - DEATH™
Patch Icon - DEATH™
Patch Icon - DEATH™