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In the beginning was the word, and the word was with DEATH™ and the word was DEATH™.

There follows a short legacy of DEATH™.



In the 90’s DEATH™ launched in protest to the traditional tobacco industry, as a responsible way to name and market a legally available product that kills you when used exactly as intended.



It’s simple: Smoking kills. Given that information, if you choose to smoke, it’s your funeral. 


Don’t ask us why we are called DEATH™, ask them why they are not.



DEATH™ stood against the traditional tobacco industry brands: 


Against their “no comment”, we sang a eulogy to tobacco.

Against their “no proof that smoking damage's health”, we said clearly “Smoking Kills”. 

Against their ‘stylish and sophisticated’ brand names, we called ours ‘DEATH™’. 

While their logos offered camels and colours, cowboys and gold, DEATH™ presented a black and white pack emblazoned with the skull and crossbones. 

While they tried to camouflage the Health Warnings, we became the Health Warning.




DEATH™ was a protest, attacked by the traditional Tobacco industry, Government and the pink-lunged, aubergine-eating, curtain-twitching Anti-Smoking Lobby.


DEATH™ upset everyone worth upsetting.



DEATH™ says furnish people with the information they require with which to make a decision, then honour the decision that they make as adults in a free society. 


Don’t tell them what they can or cannot do. That’s called prohibition. Prohibition is a last-century idea that failed. It is illogical to legislate against someone’s appetite. If you want it, you’ll get it, doesn’t matter if it's legal or illegal. Prohibition leads to one thing only – Al Capone.



DEATH™ is a promise. Our logo and our name are just vehicles to deliver our promise. Our promise is “The Truth”: Smoking delivers a great result every time. Problem is, you’re gonna die. Money back guaranteed.



DEATH™ is the story of David, against Goliath and all of his mates. 


DEATH™ is Don Quixote.


DEATH™ is Life is Truth is Livin’.