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Do not fear DEATH™. Fear never having lived. Stand in your “truth”. Find something to die for. Be present. Be here now. The only time to follow is when the fire alarm sounds.

DEATH™ is life is DEATH™ is life is DEATH™ is life is DEATH™ is life is DEATH™ is life is DEATH™

In the most iconic photograph of hip-hop-history, Tupac and Biggie Smalls stand side-by-side, with Tupac wearing a black short-sleeve DEATH™ T-shirt.

DEATH™ finds its way onto the backs of mavericks, outsiders, rebels, activists, game-changers, catalysts, the mischievous, the exceptional, the brave.

DEATH™, covered with health warnings and emblazoned with the universal symbol of poison and disease, stands for “The Truth” in a market riddled with fear, hypocrisy and lies. DEATH™ tells it like it is.

George Orwell said that during times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
Too fucking right.

DEATH™ reincarnates from the disruptive Honest Smoke of the 90’s into a fine T-shirt and apparel brand for today. Proof positive that there is ‘Life after Death’, and that you can’t fail.